Working hours:
09.00 - 18.00 / MON-FR
Lunch break 13.00-14.00
220026, Plekhanova str, 18a, Minsk
+375 (17) 350-88-48 / (tel)
+375 (17) 348-88-46 / (fax)

Department of Legal, Personnel and Organizational Work

The main tasks and functions of the department:

1. Ensuring compliance with the law in the activities of the committee and legal protection of its interests.
2. Control over the observance of labor legislation and labor discipline in the committee.
3. Implementation of the documentation support  of the Committee's activities, archiving  the committee's documents.
4. The implementation of administrative procedures.
5. Participation in the preparation and conclusion of agreements, their legal expertise.
6. Participation in the preparation and approval of draft local laws and regulations of the committee.
7. Organizational guidance of the work with documents in structural divisions of the committee,  registration and keeping of documents.
8. Interaction with representatives of other organizations on environmental protection issues, etc.

Rulevich Vitali
Head of department
Rulevich Vitali
8017 379 88 47
220026, Minsk, Plekhanov St., 18A 402
Personnel maintenance and documentation group
Shaeva Inna
Head of the group
Shaeva Inna
8017 358 88 56
Bibik Helen
Bibik Helen
8017 350 88 48
Material and technical maintenance group
Dreko Irina
Head of the group
Dreko Irina
8017 358 88 49