Working hours:
09.00 - 18.00 / MON-FR
Lunch break 13.00-14.00
220026, Plekhanova str, 18a, Minsk
+375 (17) 350-88-48 / (tel)
+375 (17) 348-88-46 / (fax)

Department of Operational Control over Moskovsky, Leninsky, Centralny Districts of Minsk

The main tasks and functions of the department:

1. detection, suppression and prevention of violating the requirements of environmental legislation, made by individuals and legal persons.
2. establishing the causes and conditions contributing to commission of violations in the field of environmental protection.
3. bringing  the violators of the legislation in the field of environmental protection to justice, detection and fact-finding of harm to the environment in accordance with current legislation.
4. the control over the observance  of requirements of environmental legislation of the Republic of Belarus by individuals and legal persons.
5. planning and organization of inspections of compliance with environmental legislation on waste management, use and protection of waters, air protection, protection of soil, subsoil, flora and fauna.
6. participation in the preparation of issuing statements of conformity of the object, taken in the facility to project documentation, etc.

Zubel Inessa
Head of department
Zubel Inessa
8017 378 45 21
220026, Minsk, Plekhanov St., 18 603
Kyzminchuk Viktor
Chief specialist
Kyzminchuk Viktor
8017 373 45 41
Mihniuk Julia
Chief specialist
Mihniuk Julia
8017 242 45 11