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Dry vegetation burning on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is PROHIBITED!

Since a significant part of dry grass burning cases in spring is usually done with good intentions, there is a sense to mention the seeming good of such arsons and to compare it with the damage.

The main argument of the supporters of last year's grass burning is that it enriches the soil with ash, and, as a result, a grass grows better and faster in these places. 

Experts assure: the ash left after dry vegetation burning doesn’t improve the soil quality in any way! 

The combustion process is accompanied by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, oxygen is burning. The fire burns the remains of fertilizers and pesticides, forming volatile toxic organic and inorganic compounds. When grass is burned along highways, air pollution with heavy metals occurs.

The result of dry grass burning is the impoverishment of the species composition of meadow vegetation and animals.

Invertebrates, insects, frogs, lizards and other animals perish in the fire of burns. Burning dry grass causes clutches and birds’ nesting places ruining.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus asks citizens to treat this problem with understanding and a sense of civic duty!


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