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Committee specialists took part in the environmental education events for young people

March 24, 2022 the Chairman of the Committee Dubnitsky S.A. and the Head of the Department of Environmental Regulation of Land Use, Information and Promotion of Ecological Knowledge Gerasimovich N.S. took part in the thematic events for students "Pride for Belarus. A clean environment is the basis of a healthy lifestyle" within the framework of the informational and educational project called "Active Citizen School".

In their speeches, the specialists told the students of the School No. 204 and the Belarusian State Medical College about the main aspects of environmental protection using the example of Minsk city. They paid special attention to biodiversity, proper recycling, issues of air emissions, illegal primroses picking and dry vegetation burning. Moreover, they informed the teens about the danger of invasive plants. In particular, about the Sosnowski's hogweed. 

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