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Take care of primroses!

Picking and selling primroses, we destroy them. If we buy them, we encourage poachers to do that again. It  is better to admire wildflowers in nature and save that beauty for future generations, than pick them  for bouquets.
As soon as the snow melts, the first spring plants appear. These are primroses - amazing plants that have adapted to bloom when the trees have no leaves yet.
 Belarus is the home to such primroses as anemone, pasqueflower or sleep-grass, noble liverleaf, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, ramson or wild onion,etc. But the number of early spring flowers  is steadily decreasing. Therefore, the problem of their protection is very actual. Some primroses are listed in the Red book of Belarus (anemone, passqueflower,etc.). 

                                                             Take care of primroses!

Massive picking of primroses drastically reduces their populations and the capacity for vegetative growth. This annual gathering of early primroses causes a huge damage to the root system and influences the diversity of the flora of the Republic.

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